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    Hello! We're Maria & Niclas. We're the Founders of Childlikebehaviour and we’re delighted that you’ve landed on our site – thank you for your visit!


    couplegoals - childlike behaviour founders

    If you’re new to our brand, you might want to know more about us❤️

    We were in need of a change

    The story begins in 2015, we were both working in the corporate world & in an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’:lächelndes_gesicht_mit_3_herzen: type of way we packed up our apartment in London and headed somewhere nurturing. We went to Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

    It was a super risky move, we had just had our first baby but an inner gut told us it was the right thing to do. It turned out to be such a magical place!
    We made friends with lots of lovely couples & while hearing and sharing stories, somehow something sparked in us… We realized that we could combine our expertise on business management with our natural creativity & passion to make products for parents like us.

    For the first time in what seemed like ages, we had fire in our bellies again! We loved the creative process of developing new products while helping out other parents and knew this was something that we wanted to do full-time.
    So we took a leap of faith and set up Childlikebehaviour with the goal of creating the best possible child mats to serve parents all over the world.

    Our Inspiration

    Childlike Behavior is a brand whose soul purpose extends far beyond providing high quality products for children. We wanted our products to be intuitive and stylish for parents too. 

    We take great care in selecting products that add value to the lives of our customers. This is possible because we are parents too. We know that safety is of the utmost importance and that quality is essential. 


    Our Customers

    This may come as a surprise, but our customers are also apart of our company. If it weren't for our customers we would not even be here to share our awesome merchandise. That's why we put every effort possible into ensuring that our customers are treated with personal, one-on-one care. We don't have automated machines; all of our correspondence comes from one of our hard working team members. 

    It doesn't stop with the "buy" button

    We don't stop serving our customers after they place an order. Each order is special. How can we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if we don't follow up with our customers? All orders will receive a follow up email ensuring that everything is perfect. Customer satisfaction is that important to us.