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    7 Essential Items You Need In A Nursery

    You are having a baby! How exciting! And I know you are nervous, understandably so. I have been there. And one of the things that you may be wondering about (among so many other things because parenting will be creating a brand new journey for you to embark on) is what items to have in your baby's nursery. 

    You may be thinking that you must fill up the baby's nursery with items that chances are you will not need in the end. This only makes the whole planning process overwhelming. Let's simplify this because all you need are 7 essential items set in place in the nursery before you bring your baby home. Let's go over those now.


    1. A Crib

    You probably knew this from the start, but now that you are seeing it on this list, a crib is a must-have. Be sure to only get a brand new crib that meets the current safety standards. Babies sleep for the majority of the day, even though they will be up in between those times quite often. Therefore, they need good quality and a comfortable crib.

    We found this great Dream On Me Chelsea 7-in-1 Convertible Crib on Amazon. It's both super cute and also really functional with a great life span.

    2. A Mattress

    Getting the best crib mattress for your baby to sleep on is the next thing on the must-have items for your baby's nursery. Be sure it meets the current safety standards as well, and learn about the different types of cribs. This way, you will know which type is the most comfortable. Organic foam is a popular type, but again, after learning about the different types of mattresses, you can choose the one that you feel is the best. Make sure that the mattress fits perfectly in the crib without any gaps.

    A really popular one that ticks all the boxes and has great reviews on Amazon is this Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box


    3. Mattress Cover That Is Waterproof

    Your baby will have plenty of accidents and leaks due to leaky diapers or from spitting up. Therefore, you will want to make sure that the mattress is protected. You need a waterproof mattress cover. This will save you so much work because you will not need to keep cleaning the mattress itself if you have the right protection on it. Thankfully the mattress above comes with a waterproof cover straight out of the box.


    4. Crib Sheets

    You will need plenty of crib sheets. In fact, you will want to get at least 7 to start with. As you already know, the mattress needs a cover for protection. This means that leaks will constantly stain the sheets. You need to have extras on hand in order to change them. You also don't want to do laundry all the time which is why it is important to have several.

    You know we love neutral colors so we've found a lovely pack of 3 by The American Baby Company



    5. A Rocking Chair And A Pillow

    Whether you are nursing or formula-feeding your baby, you need a rocking chair as well as a pillow. It is best to have it placed right next to the crib. This way, you can feed your baby in the nursery while rocking the chair a little as it is soothing. The pillow will keep you and your baby comfortable during the feeding.

    We've always been massive fans of the Windsor Glider and Ottoman. It comes in a great range of colors and also has handy pockets for storing the essentials. It doesn't hurt that it look so stylish either.


    6. Dresser With Drawers

    You need a dresser and make sure it has plenty of drawers. You don't need a changing table. Instead, you will want to get a portable changing pad that comes in the diaper bag and use that on top of the dresser for changing the baby. A changing table will only take up extra space and it is not necessary with this hack in place. The drawers are important as you will have many items for the baby that will need to be stored.

    Sticking with the grey theme hahaha, here's the Delta Children Sutton 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top. It does have the option of buying with a changing pad, just in case you really want one :)


    7. Clothing, Sleepers, Wipes, Blankets, And Diapers

    This falls into the obvious category as this is likely the first thing you were thinking about when it comes to preparing for your baby's arrival. Be sure to have plenty of clothing as well as sleepers. Get plenty of swaddling blankets, and be sure to be packed up with plenty of newborn diapers. Get a box, and place it in the nursery.

    You also need a diaper bag, binkies, bottles, a pump if you are nursing. and creams and ointments. However, focus on these essentials for the baby's nursery, and in time, you can always grab more items once your baby grows and adapts.

    Of course, everyone is different, and there's no set rules on what you should buy, but this should at least get you started

    Best of luck!!   You got this mama

    Top 3 Benefits Of A Baby Play Mat

    The baby play mat is probably the most versatile and practical baby product on the market. Not only can it be used in a number of different ways, but it also provides very important benefits regarding proper baby development.

    When you become a parent, you become aware of the piles of books and manuals full of do’s and don’ts however what’s clear is that there isn’t that one recipe for good parenting that works for everybody. What comes in handy, though, is relying on a set of supplies like multifaceted playmat for babies.

    A baby play mat is a soft covering which features two arches that hang overhead atop and support toys, and the fact it’s suitable from birth both parents and professionals alike find it among the essentials of baby supplies.

    If you’re looking for the right one for your bub, you’re in luck because the baby mat comes in a variety of options. Some of the models are equipped with lights, lots and lots of textures, baby-safe mirrors, and music, whereas others provide a simple yet comfortable nook ideal for your baby to play or lie down and observe.

    Thus your choice comes down to the degree of entertainment you want for your sunshine followed by the developmental aspect, other than the price and materials you prefer.

    Speaking of materials, while there’s a wide range of foam and carpet varieties, you’d take care of safety purchasing one of the eco-friendly playmats for toddlers with cushioning known to be soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and most importantly free of toxins in the likes of BPA, phthalates and PVC.


    As a parent you’re going to love having a baby playing mat also because it’s very easy to use, clean, it is portable (you can easily fold it and take with you on a vacation) and can also be customized (you can always hang extra or different toys) so you won’t have to worry about activity and entertainment away from home. Although designed for babies, it’s suitable for toddlers as well and it’s safe to say it grows with your little one.

    As mentioned they’re appropriate for newborn babies, but at early stages, babies are only able to focus on the nearest toys meaning at this phase the playing mat is helpful with the development of visual understanding plus strengthening the grasping and reaching reflexes. In case you’ve got musical toys and accessories attached, there’s also stimulation of the auditory skills.

    As they grow and their eyesight develops, the colors become more clear and their focus sharper, it becomes easy to play with all toys, not just the nearest ones. Other than engaging the facial and neck muscles, they’re going to rely on their legs and arms as well, crawling and walking.
    Therefore, a baby mat ‘forces’ babies to use hands and feet to explore the mat and reach out for toys which is what contributes to their physical development. There are, of course, additional benefits you’d highly appreciate.


    Cognitive Development

    Baby play mat allows babies to learn the basics of cause and effect. The mat stimulates ‘primary circular reactions’, meaning it encourages babies to repeat an action they did by chance (for example, hitting a toy by mistake).

    As babies grow, they pull on, grab or kick a toy intentionally (secondary circular reactions) and repeat them because they find them fun. Simply put, the mat in some sense ‘forces’ babies to interact with dangling toys, teaching them how to play while helping develop their reasoning and spatial awareness.

    Visual Development

    Playmats for toddlers to support a baby’s visual perceptual skills. This is because babies prefer objects with highly contrasting colors and play matt design usually is a contrast of bright colors and textures (e.g. soft fabrics, smooth plastic), more so when you combine it with different types of colorful toys and accessories, from rattles to teethers.

    Gross Motor Development

    A baby play pad stimulates a baby to crawl and use his/her legs, hands and arms crucial for building muscle and core strength. More importantly, it encourages lying on the stomach which strengthens the neck and back, and also supports the development of gross motor skills (e.g. crawling, rolling and walking), dexterity, hand-eye coordination, speech, sensory and even feeding skills (a stronger neck better supports the jaw essential for talking and eating).


    You’ve probably heard this before: don’t hold your baby too much or you’re going to end up spoiling it. Truth is, a parent’s embrace is necessary for the proper growth, physically, intellectually and emotionally, knowing it can calm them immediately and there’s no limit as to how much or how long you should or shouldn’t hold your newborn.

    This being said, you would know when the time comes to encourage independence all with the help of a crawling mat since all the toys, colors and textures it abounds in would spark your baby’s interest without you needing to motivate it.

    It wouldn’t be long before time spent in your arms reduces as opposed to increasing playtime and activity, crucial for the growth of a confident individual. There’s no need to point out you’re going to love having some time off yourself to do your chores around the home and finish up the work tasks while keeping your little one busy.

    A word of caution though, never leave the child unattended for a longer period!

    Communication and Interaction

    The aspect of communication shouldn’t be overlooked either because each and every toy on the mat, the patterns, colors, shapes, sizes, and sounds offer the chance to enlarge the vocabulary of a toddler, even more, when you join in the game occasionally.
    Furthermore, this is related to stimulating the curiosity that we all have since infancy, and set the grounds for problem-solving skills that are vital for critical thinking later on in life.


    When babies reach the third month, that’s when they start noticing themselves and this is where the baby-safe mirrors can prove to be key in promoting self-discovery. From the fifth month onward you can expect to start seeing some fun faces and be treated to contagious laughter when your baby looks at himself/herself in the mirror, enough to brighten any day, even those really bad ones.

    Article Credit: Olivia Hammonds